Famos Group: 

Famos Group is based on 35+ years of experience in short sea shipping, cargo handling and integrated logistics.

Today the group consists of companies with the ambition to add value to the market and our customers within these areas.

The group also include a company focused leadership and our latest addition is a company in the water treatment business. These are businesses that in one way or the other mirror our core values. Our core values, a few simple words, reflect what company we are and what we stand for:

  • Added value for the customer
  • People in focus
  • Continuous improvement & development

Famos Group is to be a long-term and profitable group with sound economy delivering high customer value. We actively participate in the forums working with issues regarding development and legislation in our businesses and trade.

Welcome to Famos Group!


2015-02-16 Logistics solutions by FrontLog:

FrontLog is happy to announce the success of a total logistics solution. This customer origin from the steel industry. The goods comes from central Europe and is transported by sea to Sweden, handled at a terminal and finally delivered  by truck and rail to end receiver.  

This total chain of transportation is delivered by FrontLog. FrontLog are proud to involve important partners, like Port of Norrköping, to make this logistics solution possible.

The first vessel arrived week 6 and will from now on call the Swedish port 1-2 times/month. Norrköping will thereby be an important hub in the logistics chain.


2015-01-30 MD onboard again!

MultiDocker is proud to announce a new deal with Claus Rodenberg Waldkontor gmbh about a MultiDocker onboard the vessel St.Pauli (http://waldkontor.com/de/transporte/schiff.htm).

This solution is one of MD’s specialties as we have long experience within shipping and logistics. The product that will be mounted onboard is a CH74 with a CS cabin and 22 meters reach. Delivery in March


2014-10-20 Several new deals for MultiDocker :

We are happy to announce the the subsidiary MultiDocker sold several cargo handlers past months in The Netherlands, Denmark and Sweden. The cargo handlers has also been seen on Russian TV. Please read more at: multidocker.com/news


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